Yale Electric Hoist

Within the extensive range of electric powered chain hoists which we stock at Hoist and Winch Limited, we sell a fantastic selection of Yale and CM electric hoists.

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4 Items found

12 24 36

The range combines modern design and technical innovation, ensuring our Yale and CM electric chain hoists are engineered for a long working life.

Our CPS model is our smallest and lightest weight electric chain hoist, which is compact and very reliable. It is ideal for numerous applications in the construction industry for moving small and medium loads.

The Lodestar electric chain hoist is quieter in operation, boasting an environment friendly design and is designed for a long service life.

With operating voltages of 400v, 230v & 110v on the CM Lodestar electric chain hoist, this surely makes the Lodestar the most diverse power supply voltage hoist unit available on the market. 

The Lodestar electric hoist also offers the comfort of a proven design record with over 60 years service in the market and 1,000,000+ sales.




All Lodestar electric chain hoist units supplied by Hoist and Winch are manufactured in Virginia, USA. The Lodestar electric hoist is the only choice when it comes to a required power supply of 110 v or 230 v single phase hoist. Designed to keep working in the toughest of applications.  Proven to be a winner in the hire industry where a high duty rating allowing intense operation and extra long height of lift can be required as well as the added bonus of the ability to easily convert a 1t swl hoist to a 2t swl twin fall hoist.

The Lodestar electric hoist is ideal for the hire industry. Well constructed for this purpose in mind, the lodestar has the following benefits to the hire industry.

  • Robust aluminum body providing good shock abscission and protection of the hoist components, this increases working life.
  • Ability to interchange 1t swl hoist units to operate at 2t swl with minor modification.
  • 110v single phase option available from UK stock.
  • Internal Geared Limit switches for highest and lowest hook positions.
  • Chain bags are easy to fit and change out.
  • Maintenance and serive friendly.

Lightweight, robust aluminum alloy covers fully enclose mechanical and electrical components. Easy installation and service access.

The impressive closed height provides for low headroom applications. With the gearbox lubricated for life the lodestar electric hoist provides excellent service and maintenance solutions. 

110v Single Phase Hoist Ideal for applications where three phase power is not available.

Single phase hoists are supplied with handles and 1mtr supply cable complete with Cee-form plug, three phase units feature dual voltage hoist motors.

Up to 50m height of lift on a single fall, load hook with axial bearing.