ATEX Electric Chain Hoists: Ensuring Safety and Efficiency in Hazardous Environments

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1 Item found

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Hoist and Winch offer ATEX explosion proof and spark resistant electric chain hoists that are designed to be used in areas where there is a potential explosion risk and can be bespoke built for your requirements.

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Lift with confidence in hazardous zones with ATEX electric chain hoists.

Hoist & Winch offers a comprehensive range of ATEX-certified electric chain hoists, designed to meet the specific needs of your hazardous environment. Whether you're working in explosive atmospheres, dusty conditions, or other challenging settings, our hoists provide the safety, reliability, and performance you need to get the job done.

Our ATEX electric chain hoists are:

Safe: Certified to meet the latest ATEX directives, ensuring the highest level of safety for your workers and equipment.
Reliable: Built with durable components and rigorous testing to withstand even the most demanding applications.
Versatile: Available in a variety of configurations and capacities to meet your specific lifting requirements.
Easy to use: Designed with user-friendly features to simplify operation and maintenance.

Explosion-proof: It complies with the ATEX 94/9/CE European directive, making it suitable for use in hazardous environments.
Two speed lifting: This allows for precise positioning and efficient operation.
Low lifting speed: This is useful for delicate tasks or when working in confined spaces.

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