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4 Items found

Shackles For Lifting

Whether our customers require a single or large multiple quantity of lifting shackles, for local United Kingdom (U.K.) supply or for our export customers worldwide. Hoist and Winch can offer from UK Stock a wide range of either Dee or Bow shackles with capacities from 150 kg (0.15 tonnes) to 1,500 tonnes.  We also offer numerous special design equipment as follows:

  • Power Sling - Can reduce cost in wire rope slings by 20%
  • ROV - Fitted with guiding tube and D-handle
  • Wide opening - with a longer inside length and jaw opening
  • Web sling - For Flat web slings to improve working life 
  • Sling - High safe working load capacity and fitted with safety bolt as standard
  • Heavy duty - For high capacity lifting application, with three safety fixing feature - split pin, safety bolt and fixed nut arrangement
  • Polar - for -40° C Environments
  • Locking Clamp ROV
  • Super - more compact design and lighter self weight whilst still achieving high safe working load capacity
  • Fishing - square sunken hole screw pin, with no protruding parts to "Snag" fishing nets
  • Theatre - supplied in Matt black finish to reduce light reflection, screw collar pin for quick rigging
  • Spring Release ROV 
  • Guided ROV
  • Bow Shackle and D Shackle with options with Screw collar, safety bolt, triple secure fixing of split pin, safety bolt and fixed nut

The Green Pin range is known throughout the world and is associated with high quality manufacture, large product range for the most demanding of environments and backed up with a leading brand reputation.

Our Green Pin manufactured shackles are supplied as standard with relevant load test certification and EC Declaration of conformity to meet the requirements of European legislation, in addition these meet the requirements of European manufacturing standard EN13889 and US Federal specification RR-C-271 Type IVA Class 3 Grade B.  We also advise that some products in the Green Pin shackle range hold DNV and ABS certification, and which copies are available within our technical specification of the relevant product.