Snatch Pulley Block

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1 Item found

Our Yale snatch pulley blocks increase the winch pulling power and are essential for any winching job. Snatch blocks are commonly used in the lifting and marine industries due to their simple mechanism when extending winch lifting capacities, and are ideal for deflecting a wire rope with top hook suspension or as shackle suspended - without damaging the rope.

Hoist and Winch’s snatch pulley blocks allow the connection of a looped rope or cable rather than having to spend a long time threading the cable, and in turn you are able to double the line, doubling the lifting capacity of the snatch block and winch.

Also known  as a winch pulley, diverter pulley, snatch pulley or pulley block.

Our range of pulleys are available with either a hook mounting for quick installation of a shackle mounting for a more permanent install.

We can also supply single sheave or double sheave blocks.

Our range of Yale PB Snatch blocks have a hinged side plate so that wire roep can be fitted quickly and without the need for reeving.

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