Snatch Block

Hinged Side Plate Design for Quick and Easy Wire Rope Installation

Model:  PB

Manufacturer: Yale (Germany)

Capacities: 1000 kg, 2000 kg, 3200 kg  and 6400 kg Swl

Rope Diametres: 7 mm, 13 mm, 15 mm and 18 mm


Product Overview

Our range of Yale PB pulleys are available from 1 t to 6.4 t Swl, and provide users with a fast rigging point or for redirecting a steel cable used on wire rope hoists, tirfors and winches.

An ideal product to divert steel wire rope or synthetic rope, also commonly known as:

  • Tirfor Pulley
  • Winch Pulley
  • Snatch Block
  • Diverter Sheave 
  • Snatch Pulley

Our range fo pulley blocks are heavy-duty duty construction and suitable for numerous application.

They are primarily designed as a simple and effective temporary pulley point that can redirect the course of a wire rope line.

Snatch blocks are also used to increase the capacity of wire ropes on lifting and pulling devices. It's common for this method to produce a 100% increase in pulling or lifting capacity, however, please beware of the extra force this has on fixing and anchor points.

Sturdy, durable and light weight snatch blocks are ideal for transferring loads over short distances and are commonly used in recovery situations or installation works.

Commonly used in the marine industry due to their simple mechanism when extending winch lifting capacities. 

Top hook suspension fitted with a safety catch.

Allows connection of a looped rope or cable rather than having to thread the cable, due to the hinged side plate configuration.

When choosing and classifying pulley blocks, take the “Principles for Rope Drives“ DIN 15020 into consideration.

This complete range of pulley blocks are manufactured in accordance with European standards EN 13157:2003 and the machinery directive 98/37/EC.



  • One side is hinged
  • Equipped with a single steel sheave
  • Cast Steel Sheaves with machined grooves
  • Pulley Wheel fitted with Permaglide bushes to provide free movement
  • Light weight in construction, with the 1t Swl block weighing only 3.3 kg

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Suitable means of unloading heavy loads must be provided by the customer upon

Snatch Block, up to 6400 kg Swl

2 to 3 Weeks From Receipt of Order

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