Tractel Tirfor Winch

3 Items found

3 Items found

Within our wide selection of cable puller hoists that we stock at Hoist and Winch Limited, is our range by Tractel-Tirfor, which contains many market leader products.

Our Tractel – Tirfor Jockey series is an ultra light-weight, portable hand hoist, with a traversing wire rope. It is easy to transport, can be quickly installed and is easy to operate.

The Tirfor 500 series hoist can be used to lift, pull and position loads over great distances – the load capacity of the Tirfor hoist system can be increased using sheave blocks, and it is a light-weight, portable design.

We also stock the Tractel – Tirfor heavy duty cable puller lifting machine hoist, which is unrivalled in terms of durability and sturdiness. As the customer’s hoist of choice, it is a genuine market leader. This light-weight, portable manual hoist is ideal for quick installation and is available in different capacities from 800kg, 1,600kg to 3,200kg.