Portable Aluminium Gantries For Hire

Reid Aluminium Gantry Hire

Portable Aluminium Gantry Hire

Adjustable Height Design 

Mobile Aluminium Gantries are a popular temporary piece of Hire Equipment for the following reasons:  

• Available in capacity Swl range 1000 kg Swl to 5000 Kg Swl

• Span ranges up to 4600m

• Available in height range up to 4079 mm to hoist unit cross travel trolley attachment point (Remember to allow for the hoist unit head-room dimension)

• Adjustable height design feature

• Low friction push/pull hoist mounting cross travel beam trolley

• EN795 Certified Temporary Anchor Point for Personnel Lifting (As part of a EN363 fully compliant system with suitably rated and certified lifting apparatus)

• Can be fitted with air, electric or manual hoist units

• Suitable for operation indoors or outdoors

• Simple and quick assembly procedure

• Material: Aluminium

• Light Weight Aluminium construction

• Ease of movement around workplace with wheel locks to prevent movement when required

• Suitable for Zone 2 ATEX Environment Applications

Often used for temporary Industrial and Construction site applications where a suitable hoist mounting position is not available and where the hoist mounting position is required to be moved from “position to position” locations.

Hoist & Winch Ltd also provide complete turnkey hire installation solutions