Machine Skate and Load Moving Skate Systems

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4 Items found

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Steerman Heavy load moving systems - SX and S Models


Capacity: 5 t - 100 t Swl


These universal heavy load moving systems have been designed for the safe and cost saving transport of loads up to 100 tons. Individual configuration of steering and rear skates also allows higher capacities. Transport of heavy loads (e.g. machines, construction parts, steel structures) is normally made with a stable three point loading system.

Transport of extremely bulky or heavy loads with an unfavourable center of balance, may also be executed with a four point loading system. The robust towing bar in connection with the unique turntable on large diameter thrust bearings allows effortless steering of the load. The rear skates are aligned parallel by means of a tie rod and kept in position, thus ensuring time saving and smooth transportation of the load. 

The skates are powder coated and all connecting elements corrosion-resistant. Highest safety requirements have been considered.


Special Composite Wheel Equipment

This unique material is machined from solid to produce the ideal wheel for useon modern industrial flooring. Hard enough to give incredibly low rollingresistance yet designed to protect expensive coated surfaces, unlikeconventional metal wheeled skates.


Made from S.G. Iron rather than a Welded Construction

This malleable material is immensely strong, is reproduced with total accuracy and is powder coated prior to assembly. Conventional steel fabricated units have to be much larger to achieve the same capacities and are therefore more cumbersome to use and transport


Steerman's Three point Loading System

This ensures a safe and stable configuration which eliminates the risk of oneskate rolling out from below the load. This design also ensures that loads arenot carried on a reduced number of wheels when travelling.4. Unique Turntable Design.A special cast nylon material has been developed for strength and light-weight. Large diameter thrust bearings allow these turntables to swivel effortlessly while the special composite material ensures both anti-slip properties and greater impact resistance.


Unique Turntable Design

A special cast nylon material has been developed for strength and light weight.  Large diametre thrust bearings allow these turntables to swival effortlessly while the special composite material ensures both anti-slip propoerties and greater impact resistance.


  • The modular design ensures an extremely simple operation and simultaneously offers a wider range of combinations.
  • The construction of the load moving systems is extremely robust and resistant to distortion.
  • The skates are smooth-running and provide an incredibly low rolling resistance even with the
    highest loads.
  • Twin rollers (instead of one wide roller) ensure low rolling resistance even at narrow curve radius.
  • The universal joint suspension of the roller groups contributes to the positive contact when travelling over uneven floors.
  • The roller wheels are manufactured with abrasion-resistant, elastic polyamide. They are protected
    against breakage and have high chemical resistance.
  • Each individual roller is made from high tensile material which ensures extremely quiet running.
  • The rollers are suitable for all in-plant floors and will not damage normal floor covering.
  • The load moving systems can be easily dismantled and facilitate transport even in small trucks.
  • The load moving systems have been developed for professional applications and are practically
  • All rollers are provided with two encapsulated, lifetime lubricated ball bearings.
  • The front steering skate is equipped with an amply dimensioned axial ball bearing underneath the


Machine Skate and Load Moving Skate System - LX Model


Capacity 6 t and 12 t


The LX range is a low cost alternative to the premium Steerman range.

These three point loading systems comprise of a steerable front and a pair of adjustable rear skates. The heavy load moving systems are supplied ready-to-use. The steerable front skates (LX-6F and LX-12F) are provided with an appropriate towing bar. The rear skates (LX-12R) are identical in construction and are equipped with two adjustable tie rods. The wheels are made of hardwearing nylon. The front and rear skates can accept each 50% of the total capacity.