Tiger Manual Chain Hoists: High Quality Lifting Equipment for Professionals

Tiger manual chain hoists are a popular choice for lifting applications in a variety of industries. They are known for their durability, reliability, and ease of use. Tiger hoists are available in a variety of capacities to meet your specific needs.

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7 Items found

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Hoist and Winch Limited stock the Tiger manual hand chain hoist, which has been manufactured from the highest quality steel to offer a lightweight, portable and rugged construction.

The Tiger manual hand chain hoist is compact and with low weight and short head room design, it’s perfect for tight installations. It is an extremely strong manual hand chain hoist, which is resistant to impact damage and suitable for underground mining and offshore use.

With a highly efficient twin pawl safety break, double cover protection, high quality allow load chain and heat treated alloy load hooks, it is the ideal manual hand chain hoist for long term use with minimum maintenance and servicing costs.

The Tiger manual hand chain hoist has undergone a full test programme; all major components have been heat treated, it boasts high performance premium quality grease and has chain ends fitted as standard that are able to hold a load of at least 2.5 times the rated capacity.

Manual lifting hoist

PROCB Manaul Hoist Series

The TIGER PROCB Manual Chain Hoist is a premium lifting solution engineered for demanding industrial applications. Featuring a rugged steel construction, the PROCB offers exceptional durability and resistance to impact damage. Its innovative Quad Cam Pawl System delivers superior braking performance and safety, while the 8-point multi-start pinion shaft ensures faster lifting and increased efficiency. Available in a range of capacities from 0.25ton to 35ton, the PROCB is versatile enough to tackle diverse lifting tasks. User-friendly design with a smooth chain action and ergonomic handwheel provides comfortable operation. Certified to meet and exceed international standards, the TIGER PROCB is the reliable choice for professionals who demand the best in lifting equipment.


SS20 Corrosion Resistant Manual Hoist

The Tiger SS20 redefines lifting capability in harsh environments. This heavy-duty manual chain hoist features a two-stage corrosion protection system, making it ideal for multi-immersion applications like offshore, marine, and chemical industries. Its rugged construction and precision engineering deliver reliable performance and exceptional strength, with capacities ranging from 500kg to 30 tonnes.


LHCG Low headroom Manual Hoist and Trolley

The Tiger LHCG is a game-changer for lifting in tight spaces. This innovative combined chain hoist and geared trolley offers exceptional lifting capabilities, conquering limitations imposed by low headroom clearance applications. Choose from capacities ranging from 1.0 ton to 10.0 tons to meet your specific needs. The LHCG boasts a robust steel construction, ensuring long-lasting performance. Experience smooth and controlled lifting with the ergonomic hand chain hoist, while the integrated geared trolley allows for effortless horizontal movement. Safety is prioritized with overload protection, and the LHCG adheres to stringent international standards. Optional features like corrosion and spark resistance cater to diverse environments. Ideal for various applications, the Tiger LHCG empowers you to handle even the most challenging lifting tasks in confined spaces.


ULHCG Ultra Low Headroom Manual Hoist and Trolley

Tiger ULHCG Ultra Low Headroom Hoist & Trolley: Conquer tight spaces with the Tiger ULHCG. This combined manual hoist and geared trolley offers efficient lifting and traversing in low-clearance environments. Capacities from 1 to 12 tons, and various customizable options available.