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Hoist and Winch's range of chain hoists, wire rope hoists and Tirfor’s are from the world’s leading manufacturers.  They combine the very best of modern design with high performance and low cost of ownership.

Hoist and Winch: Your Source for Top-Quality Chain Hoists, Wire Rope Hoists, and Tirfors

At Hoist and Winch, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best possible lifting equipment available. That's why we only offer products from the world's leading manufacturers. Our chain hoists, wire rope hoists, and Tirfors are no exception.

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74 Items found

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Lifting Equipment

With Capacities from 125 kg to 200 t safe working load (SWL), we can provide one of the world's most comprehensive range of advanced electric wire rope hoists and electric chain hoists, we can also supply these hoists as part of an Overhead Crane if required.

Tried and tested over many years in arduous industrial applications our electric hoists are available in a variety of configurations, including bespoke designs specifically for our customers requirements.

Electric Chain Hoists 

Stahl Electric Hoist

The ST series of electric hoists from Stahl offer one of the most diverse chain hoist programmes in the world including designs suitable for low headroom and ATEX applications.  This chain hoist offers many optional extras and can be designed to suit almost any application and environment.  See below options for some of the special features available. 

In use in thousands of applications dating back many years, the Stahl hoist is modernised and developed continually by the "Stahl Cranes" R & D department based in Germany, the ST electric chain hoist is a true classic. 

The "STAHL ST series" of electric hoists offers reliability through its design and source of high quality parts and exceptional manufacturing standards. 

This electric chain hoist is undemanding as far as maintenance and power consumption is concerned. 

This chain hoist comes in a number of safe working loads, ranging from 125 kg to 6,300 kg. 

The STAHL hoist can be used as a stationary fixed position piece of equipment with top suspension via a load hook or load eye, with rigid foot plate mounting as a special design, or with a manual push or electric hoist trolley, and are especially suitable for arduous applications.

Tractel Tirfor, Yaletrac and Cable Pulling Equipment 

Tirfor machines are a portable manual wire rope hoist used with a galvanised steel wire rope. The Tirfor can be used to lift, pull and position loads over great distances subject to the wire rope length. The Tirfor hoist is suitable for use in numerous configurations and are the ideal solution for use in professional applications. They are operated by a simple lever Option.  The load capacity of the Tirfor hoist can be increased by using sheave blocks.

A Portable hoist to lift and pull loads, for utilisation in numerous configurations with long cable lengths.

- Low weight—quick installation
- No limitation in terms of cable length
- Manageable, light-weight, robust, powerful
- Increase load capacity with deflection sheaves
- Overload protection
- Precise load placement within millimetres 

Manual Hoist, Hand Chain Hoist or Block and Tackle

H&W Ltd manual hoists, which are also known as a chain block or block and tackle are a piece of portable lifting equipment available in numerous configurations.

These type of units are very adaptable to the many working scenarios and environments including permanent and temporary installations.

We can supply manual hand chain hoists from many of the worlds leading manufacturers including Kito, Yale, Tiger Lifting, Tractel and Hadef.

We are constantly adding new manufacturers to our range of products therefore meaning that even more features and options on manual hoists will be available to buy on-line.

Manual hoists can be supplied with top hook suspension or with an integrated push or hand geared trolley. We also offer in this category ATEX manual hoists for use in potentially explosive areas.  ROV Subsea manual hoists are for operation by a remote operated vehicle under water that are totally unique in design.

We offer manual hoists with lifting capacities from 250kg up to 100 tonne SWL.  

Chain Hoists

Chain hoists are a versatile and durable lifting solution that is perfect for a variety of applications. They are available in a wide range of capacities to meet your specific needs. Our chain hoists are built to last, with heavy-duty construction and high-quality components.

Wire Rope Hoist

Wire rope hoists are ideal for lifting heavy loads over long distances. They are also a good choice for applications where precise positioning is required. Our wire rope hoists are designed for maximum efficiency and reliability.


Tirfors are portable manual hoists that are perfect for lifting and pulling loads in tight spaces. They are also a good choice for use in emergency situations. Our Tirfors are easy to operate and can be used with a variety of wire rope sizes.

All of our chain hoists, wire rope hoists, and Tirfors are:

Designed by the world's leading manufacturers

Built to last with high-quality components

Available in a wide range of capacities to meet your specific needs

Easy to operate and maintain

In addition to our top-quality products, we also offer a variety of services to help you get the most out of your lifting equipment. These services include:

Expert advice on choosing the right lifting equipment for your needs

Professional installation and maintenance services

Training for your staff on how to operate and maintain your lifting equipment

Contact us today to learn more about our chain hoists, wire rope hoists, and Tirfors. We are confident that we have the perfect solution for your lifting needs.