Kito LX003 & LX005 Lever Hoist

Capacities - 250 kg and 500 kg Swl

Kito's LX series lever hoists are suitable for working in tight quarters or elevated locations where fastening, fixing or positioning of light loads is required.  The Kito LX series lever hoists feature a low hand pull force for high reliability lifting, pulling and tensioning.

Features and Benefits

  • At rated capacity, load bearing parts are stressed to 25% of their limit
  • Abraison and corrosion resistant, plated load chain
  • Forged carbon steel hook design will not fracture under excessive load
  • 360° handle rotation for a sure grip from any operating position
  • Articulating top hook allows you to properly centre the load
  • Safety tip hook latch design is thicker for increased durability and notched to securely engage the latch with the hook tip
  • Aluminum housing for reduced weight
  • Sealed gears and brake are protected against damage from dust and water
  • Free chain adjusting mechanism for quick and easy hook positioning

With the ultralight and compact ratchet hoists of the KITO LX Series, demanding tasks like fastening, fixing and positioning of loads in the light-load range can be solved easily and effectively.

The LX is designed for loads of 250 kg and 500 kg, respectively. The ratchet hoist is mainly used where delicate parts have to be joined together: for example, in apparatus installation, where control cabinets are to be connected and have to be brought within a few millimeters of each other, or in the automobile workshop, for fitting and removing engines or for fitting engines and gearboxes together. This ultra-compact ratchet hoist can be used almost anywhere.

In this hoist, the focus is on its compact form, small dimensions and light weight, thanks to its aluminium housing. The LX003 weighs 1.7 kg, the LX005 2.7 kg. That means that the ratchet hoist, together with the belt pouch in which it can be stowed and carried, is always available and immediately ready for use. Another advantage is the fine tolerance load chain, in the LX003, for example, with a load capacity of 250 kg and a diameter of only 3.2 mm. This allows extremely precise lifting. When the lever is operated, a lifting movement of approx. 2 mm takes place for each click. The hand lever has a length of only 150 mm, so that, where there is absolutely no more space available, this device can still demonstrate its functionality.
A further feature is the chain overrun mechanism with load drop protection. When a load is suddenly applied in freewheel mode, the brake engages instantly and reliably.Considering their many advantages, the high performance, the dimensions, the weight, the aluminium housing, the low lever force, the load drop protection and the wide range of uses, the ratchet hoists LX003 and LX005 are unique in the market.

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Kito LX Compact Lever Hoist, 250 kg and 500 kg Swl

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