Air Hoist Hire

JDN Air Hoist Hire

Suitable for Explosion Risk Areas as Standard Zone 1 IIA and Zone 2 IIB

Our range of J D Neuhaus (JDN) air powered chain hoists are often the preferred piece of lifting equipment for temporary hire applications for the following reasons:      

• Available in safe workload (SWL) range: 500 kg to 100 Tonnes

• Light weight & compact in relation to Electric powered hoist units for ease of movement on site (This is especially true for the larger lifting capacity units)
• Ease of Installation when compared to electric hoist units due to the reduced size and self-weight
• Compressed air is a safer power media when compared to electricity for temporary rigging solutions on site as the risk of electric shock from damaged electrical supply cables is eliminated
• Overtravel protection for load hook
• Swl overload protection 
• 100% duty rating for air powered motors which eliminates the potential problem of motor overheating during long lift applications and repeated motor switching 
• Heavy duty construction hoist bodies i.e. JDN air powered hoist units are generally all ferrous or occasionally all aluminium construction with an absence of plastic covers providing a greater resistance to abuse on site as the equipment is handled
• Suitable for operation outdoors or extreme operating environments including very wet, damp, high-heat or aggressive conditions
• 100% sealed motor to prevent ingress of dirt or debris
• Suitable for operation in explosive gas or dust risk environments as standard
• JDN Air chain hoists can be powered by portable diesel air compressors where a suitable local permanent air power supply is not available
• Available with top hook suspension, manual or hand geared hook in trolley or pneumatic powered trolley which we can provide as either hook in or built in design to reduce headroom clearances.

For the above reasons our range of JDN units are our most often recommended solution for many temporary hire hoist lifting applications, and particularly for construction sites or locations where there is an explosive gas or dust risk or aggressive operating conditions.     

Hoist & Winch Ltd are experts in this field with some of our technicians having more than 20 years experience of supplying, hiring and servicing this type of lifting equipment.    

It is very important that great care is taken to ensure that the correct air supply pressure, volume and air quality is provided. Hoist & Winch Ltd are readily available to assist you with this aspect.    

Hoist & Winch Ltd also provide complete turnkey air hoist hire installation solutions

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