Kito Electric Hoist

The Kito ER Series Electric Chain Hoist is a premium brand product recognized as world leaders for quality of manufacture, reliable components, resilient in the more arduous and extreme conditions and low noise operation. 

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2 Items found

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Kito ER-2 Electric Hoist With Motor Trolley

* Motor Trolley available as an extra cost option

The secret of the Kito chain hoist success is attention to detail and engineering excellence backed up by continual product development.   The Kito ER-2 chain hoist product  range is available starting at 125 kg Swl  and in various larger capacities up to 20 t Swl.

Standard features of the ER-2 chain hoist.

Case hardened  nickel plated load chain.

Inverter control - For dual control lifting and lowering hoist speeds.

Thermal motor protection.

These key hoist features are part of the reasons Kito ER  electric hoists are often the chosen brand when demanding operating conditions are encountered.

This electric hoist unit is available with top hook mounting for static applications and in a range of electric powered and manual push trolleys.  The Kito Trolley is suitable for most beam sizes.

In special design and on request twin hook and low head room design electric hoist options are also available.

Large capacity Kito ER electric hoists are often found where there is a need to lift heavy loads and where the available space for the chain hoist installation is limited.  In such cases the relatively compact design of the ER-2 large capacity series chain hoists is a benefit and one of the few available options.

Very smooth operation  and low noise are features of all Kito electric hoists, which makes for very precise load handling and assisting in creating safe working conditions.

Regarding the dual speed Kito electric chain hoists these are supplied as standard with ergonomic soft start operation.

The Kito ER series of electric chain hoists in Motorised Trolleys are found in many industries throughout the world but often where the customers requirements call for a robust, reliable unit for high usage, harsh operating conditions or minimal downtime for maintenance.

Such industries include high repetition, volume production plants including:



Arduous process industries including.

Galvanizing & plating plants.

General construction.


Steel production.

Casting industries.

When a customer buys a Kito electric hoist, they can be assured they are purchasing a market leading brand in the lifting equipment industry.  Although in some cases the initial purchase cost can be higher when compared to other electric hoist units on the market, these costs will be gained back and more during the service life of the hoist. 

Buying a Kito electric hoist and motor trolley is a decision our customers do not regret, when long service life, product quality and excellent operating features are taken into consideration.


400V / 50Hz / 60Hz.

Inverter for dual speed.

Contactor control for single speed.

Counter hour meter (CH-Meter).

Ergonomic push button control.

Electro magnetic brake.

Upper/lower limit switch.

Nickel-plated load chain grade DAT (G80).

Thermal protection.

Carbon friction clutch.

Chain Collector.


Geared trolley.

Plain trolley.

Motorized trolley.

Electric overload limiter.

Steel chain bucket.

Additional brake (mechanical).

Radio remote control.

230V / 50Hz / 3 PH.

500V contactor control.

Level limiter for lift/lowering.

Acoustic overload signal.

For further information on the Kito range of electric hoists and motor trolleys please contact the Hoist and Winch sales team  on 08450 171 126 or e-mail [email protected]