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Hydraulic equipment is powered by pressurized fluid and encompasses a range of components that work together to generate force, motion, and control in various applications. Key products in hydraulic equipment include cylinders, which produce linear force; pumps, responsible for converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy; valves, used to regulate the flow of hydraulic fluid; motors, which convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy; filters, essential for removing contaminants from hydraulic fluid; reservoirs, used to store hydraulic fluid; and hose and fittings, which convey hydraulic fluid between components.

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Why Hydraulics?

Hydraulics, or fluid mechanics, offer extremely high forces with compact construction, which gives portable lifting, pushing and pulling power for numerous applications.  There is no other kind of power transmission that will provide comparable high forces with the same compact size.


Hydraulic Tools


The specialised design of hydraulic tools provides flexibility to engineers looking for a solution to lift, pull or push in general assembly and repair jobs.  The compact construction provides a versatile tool that is capable of being used in a number of universal applications.

The robust construction of the Yale range of hydraulic cylinders have been designed to withstand the arduous conditions experienced in heavy duty industrial applications.  Depending on the application, the user can specify from a range of hydraulic hand pumps, electrically powered pumps (Hydraulic power packs) and controls in 3 Phase and single phase construction.  Yale also offers a range of air powered pumps and petrol engine pumps where mains electricity is not available.


Basic Terms in Hydraulics




Is the system pressure generated by the hydraulic hand pump, however this can also be produced from an external power source.




Is the pressure transferred by the hydraulic cylinder proportional to the laod up to the maximum capacity.




Is the piston rod travel distance to be achieved by the relative force (no-load stroke, loaded stroke, return stroke)


Piston Travel Speed


Is the time taken for the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder to travel through a fixed distance acceptable


Hydraulic Cylinder


Are available in different designs with two basic types:


Single acting


The piston travel is achieved via hydraulic pressure and returned by spring force (Pressure build up in one direction only)


Double acting


The piston travel is achieved via hydraulic pressure in both directions (Push forces and pulling forces are possible, however, pulling power will always be lower due to the available area of the piston)

Hoist & Winch: Your One-Stop Shop for Hydraulic Equipment

At Hoist & Winch, we are proud to be the leading supplier of hydraulic equipment in the UK. We offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of all industries, from construction and agriculture to manufacturing and transportation.

Our hydraulic equipment is known for its:

Durability: Our products are built to last, even in the most demanding applications.
Performance: Our equipment is designed to provide you with the power and precision you need to get the job done.
Reliability: You can count on our products to perform day in and day out, without fail.
We offer a wide range of hydraulic equipment, including:

Cylinders: We offer a wide range of cylinders, including single-acting, double-acting, and telescopic cylinders.
Pumps: We offer a wide range of pumps, including hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic vane pumps, and hydraulic piston pumps.
Valves: We offer a wide range of valves, including hydraulic directional valves, hydraulic pressure valves, and hydraulic flow valves.
Power units: We offer a wide range of power units, which combine a pump, motor, and reservoir into a single package.
Accessories: We offer a wide range of accessories, including hoses, fittings, and filters.
In addition to our wide range of products, we also offer a variety of services, including:

Hydraulic system design and engineering: Our team of experts can help you design and engineer a hydraulic system that meets your specific needs.
Hydraulic system installation and maintenance: We can install and maintain your hydraulic system to ensure that it is operating at peak performance.
Hydraulic system repair: We can repair your hydraulic system if it breaks down.

Cylinders: Hydraulic cylinders are mechanical devices that use hydraulic fluid to exert linear force. They are used in a wide variety of applications, including construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and industrial machinery.

Hydraulic Pumps: Hydraulic pumps are used to convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. They are responsible for creating the pressurized fluid that powers hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic Valves: Hydraulic valves are used to control the flow of hydraulic fluid in a system. They can be used to open and close circuits, regulate pressure, and control direction.

Hydraulic Motors: Hydraulic motors are used to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. They are used in a wide variety of applications, including propulsion systems, winches, and cranes.

Reservoirs: Hydraulic reservoirs are used to store hydraulic fluid. They also provide a place for air and moisture to escape from the fluid.

Hose and Fittings: Hydraulic hose and fittings are used to convey hydraulic fluid between different components in a system. They must be able to withstand high pressures and temperatures.

Contact us today to learn more about our hydraulic equipment and services.