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7 Items found

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Our range of Tractel fall protection harnesses at Hoist and Winch are designed especially to keep workers safe by preventing and stopping falls or injuries.

The fall protection harnesses are full body apparatus manufactured to restrain workers in the event of a fall when working at height, and the harnesses allow users to be properly suspended and supported throughout.

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Harness Range

Tractel is the first leading height safety equipment manufacturer to introduce a full range of harnesses certified to 150 kg with the combination of lanyards and anchoring systems to suit.

Since 2017, Tractel no longer indicates lifespan on fall arrest equipment. Their personal protective equipment (PPE) can be used without restrictions from the manufacturing date provided that:

  • it is used is in accordance with instruction manuals;
  • the instruction manual procedures for storage and transport are met;
  • a periodic inspection is carried out at least every year by a competent person who will authorize in writing that the PPE is fit to be returned to service; and
  • a full written history is available for the product you intend to use.

Their HT120 harness features a patented fall arrest umbilical attachment point, independent thigh straps, and front and back fall indicators. Tractel pride themselves on designing height safety harnesses with the users comfort front of mind. The design of their HT120 provides unrivalled freedom of movement during everyday use and ensures that the user stays in an upright position in the event of a fall.

Their harnesses are utilized in numerous applications including such industries as construction, MEWP operator, infrastructure and industrial applications around the world.

Their harness range provides a complete, safe and reliable solution for all your working-at-height needs.

To meet the demand for PPE fall arrest equipment for weights of more than 100 kg, Tractel is the first height safety equipment manufacturer to offer a complete range of 150 kg capacity fall arrest equipment whihc complies with European regulations.

The products in this "High Capacity" range  have been tested to arrest falls of weights up to 150 kg (persons weight and equipment) with an impact force of less than 60 daN.

To protect users up to the maximum weight of 150 kg, all system components (anchor point, lanyard, fall arrester, harness) are marked as "High Capacity Range 150 kg" 

The weight of 150 kg refers to the users weight plus equipment and tools.

The component with the lowest capacity of the entire fall arrest system always determines the maximum capacity.

Safety Harness Size Guide

On each of the Tractel harness product pages within our website their is a size guide in the technical download section, the Tractel range is availabel in Small, medium and extra large.

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