Tractel HT46 Height Safety Harness

Tractel HT46 Safety Harness with Quick Release Buckles

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  • Tractel HT46 Safety Harness with Quick Release Buckles
  • Tractel HT46 Safety Harness with Standard Buckles + Elastrac
  • Tractel HT46 Safety Harness with Quick Release Buckles + Elastrac
  • Tractel HT46 Safety Harness with Standard Buckles
  • Tractel 150 kg High Capacity Range
  • Tractel Elastrac

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HT46 - 4 Point Height Safety Harness - Tractel


  • Universal harness with standard and quick release buckle options
  • Complies with Standard EN 361
  • 1 Dorsal "Forged D" anchorage point
  • 1 Sternal anchorage point
  • 2 Thoracic anchor points
  • High comfort sub-pelvic and leg straps
  • 5 Adjustment points 
  • option Elastrac

A Tractel safety harness size guide can be found on our technical download section on the product page.



The Tractel HT46 safety harness is a multi use general purpose fall arrest height safety piece of equipment. All Tractel height safety harnesses meet and in most cases exceed the requirements of European standard EN 361. They provide optimum ergonomics, and are comfortable when used for long working periods.

These multi use harnesses provide a good position compromise between the standard range and application specification technical harnesses.  Ideal for work positioning with their 2 thoracic safety anchor points.

Tractel is the first height safety equipment manufacturer to introduce a complete range of safety harnesses comprising two to four fastening points, with mountain harness type leg straps which are highly appreciated by users for there comfort and ease of fitment.

This product is designd and certified for loads upto a maximum of 150 kg.



Combines the four anchor points, highly versatile. With its two thoracic fastening points, it is well suited to working situations requiring work position holding.
With its sternal fastening point, it is well suited to working situations requiring the use of a fall arrester connected on the front side of the harness.

  • 1 back fastening point,
  • 1 sternal anchorage
  • 2 thoracic fastening points
  • 2 leg strap adjustments,
  • 2 shoulder strap adjustments,
  • 1 sternal adjustment. .
  • Weight : 1.1K g.
  • Sizes : S, M, XL.



  • Adjustable working belt.
  • Thermo-compressed foam shoulder pad.
  • Elastrac



  • Thigh straps adjustment : flat buckles.
  • Buckles : - metal : yellow zinc bichromated,
  • stamped : yellow zinc bichromated.
  • Plastic components : PP.
  • PE webbings, colour-fast, width : 45 mm.
  • Machine stitched : PE 12/3.


Associated Equipment Standards

  • Anchorage (EN 795)
  • Connectors (EN 362)
  • Anchor device (EN 363)


CE Certification

  • N° 0082/352/160/08/09/369
  • Notified body : APAVE (N°0082)

Manufacturing Standard EN 361


Elastrac™ Comfort Pack


A comfortable accessory for your harness

Tractel® creates the new generation of harnesses with elastrac comfort pack combining comfort, durability and safety:

The advantages of the Tractel elastrac:

  • A harness much more comfortable than standard harnesses. 
  • Increased ease of movement thanks to the elastrac straps controlled extension. 
  • Right balance in between the strap flexibility and rigidity thanks to the proven concept of the elastrac case
  • Elastrac strap lasts up to 10 times more than standard elastic straps
  • The case cannot be broken if used normally
  • Elastrac strap much more resistant to climatic and chemical aggressions than standard elastic straps
  • Increased security: control of the harness extension in case of a fall: +/-12 cm with a mass of 150 kg


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