Tirfor Winch & Manual Wire Rope Hoist

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Tirfor Winch


Within our array of lifting equipment we offer our customers the complete range of Tractel Tirfors ™, also known as cable pullers or manual wire rope hoists.  Several years ago Columbus McKinnon Corporation introduced their Yaletrac winch which has been a popular alternative for our customers on a tighter budget and not requiring the disengaging free rope pulling wire rope feature the Tractel Tirfor ™ offers as standard.

Suitable for use in numerous configurations, Tirfor and Yaletrac cable pullers are the ideal solution for use in a wide range of industries including heavy engineer, construction, civil engineering, powerling construction, ship building, oil refineries and forestry to name a few.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Equipment should be serviced and certified within the manufacturers guidelines and local legislation.

We offer the complete range of Tractel Tirfor winches and which include the following models:

500 Series – 800 kg, 1600 kg and 3200 kg Swl – Galvanised steel bodied construction

TU Series – The original Tirfor – Heavy duty construction with a tried and tested design - 800 kg, 1600 kg and 3200 kg Swl capacities available

Jockey Series – Light weight for ease of handling or movement between rigging applications – safe working loads of 300 kg and 800 kg.

Tractel have brought to the market a range of sheaving blocks to be used in conjunction with your hoist to increase capacities for those heavier loads.

The Yaletrac winch is available with an aluminium or steel bodied construction.  The steel bodied unit is predominately designed for use in mining applications where a heavier duty construction is required.

Yaletrac – Aluminium bodied

Yaletrac-ST – Steel Bodied Construction – 500kg, 1000 kg, 1600 kg and 3200 kg Swl

These lifting equipment machines offer our customers a versatile tool for lifting, pulling, tensioning and securing loads over great distances.

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