Cable Puller Manual Wire Rope Hoist, Yaletrac-ST

Yaletrac Hoist

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Yale - "Yaletrac-ST" Steel Bodied Cable Puller - Yaletrac-ST Model

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Steel Bodied Manual Wire Rope Hoist, Heavy Duty Design

Yaletrac-ST Series


Lifting Capacities: 1000 kg, 1600 kg and 3200 kg Swl


The Yaletrac ST Manual Wire Rope Hoist series from Yale is an alternative to the Tractel Tirfor.  The Tractel Tirfor is also available from our range products.

The Yaletrac ST hoist is manufactured with a pressed steel housing offering further robust design over aluminimum bodied manual wire rope hoist.  Although heavier in self weight than the Aluminium bodied cable puller, the steel bodied unit offers greater protection in heavy duty industries.

The Yaletrac cable puller key features:

  • Rope Clamp disengagement lever for easy installation of rope
  • Base foot for stable positioning of the hoist unit
  • Telescopic handle lever 
  • Spare shear pins in the telescopic control lever
  • Carrying clip for handle
  • Axial ball bearings for optimised hand operating forces
  • Rubber sleeves to prevent dirt ingress on key mechanical parts
  • Heavy duty steel plate body 
  • the features a housing of dimensionally stable deep-drawn steel plates ensuring a compact, robust design in combination with optimised weight.
  • Overload protection with shear pin
  • Forward and reversing levers manufactured in line to create a slim line body design
  • Open located on top section the hoist to assist with cleaning.  Flush the manual hoist wire rope hoist unit with water to clear any debris and dirt,  re-apply motor oil after cleaning to help protect key components of the Yaletrac-ST hoist.

 Please note the Yaletrac hoist doesn't include the free roping feature which is standard with the Tractel Tirfor.



• Eye sling hook with safety latch 

• Longer ropes 

• Drum reel 

• Storage box

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