Tractel Minifor 110v Electric Wire Rope Hoist Hire

Minifor Electric Wire Rope Hoist Hire

Low Self-weight 

Minifor 110v single phase electric powered wire rope hoist units are a very commonly used piece of lifting equipment for temporary rental applications for the following reasons:     

• Available in capacities ranging from 125 kg to 1000 kg 

• 110v single phase main power supply & direct control pendants to safeguard site operatives against serious electric shock risk 
• Very Lightweight (Self-weight without rope: 31 Kg )
• Simple and quick installation procedure
• High operating speeds
• Unlimited wire rope length
• Available with remote radio control (Subject to availability)
• Can be used for horizontal pulling operations as well as vertical lifting operations 
• Built in carrying handle 
• Top & Bottom limit switches for overtravel protection of load hook 
• Heavy duty construction i.e. “Minifor” wire rope hoist bodies are all aluminium construction with an absence of plastic covers providing a greater resistance to abuse on site as the equipment is handled
• Suitable for operation outdoors 
• The “Minifor” can be powered by portable 110v electrical power supplies when a permanent 110v electrical power supply is not available on site

For the above reasons the Tractel “Minifor” electric powered wire rope hoist units are a frequently used lifting equipment solution for many short-term hires, and often for the lighter load and longer lifting height applications up to 1000 Kg Swl on construction sites.  

It is very important that great care is taken to ensure that the correct electrical power supply is provided and Hoist & Winch Ltd are readily available to assist you with this aspect.

Hoist & Winch Ltd also provide complete turnkey hoist hire installation solutions

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