Electric Hoist

Hoist and Winch Limited stock a wide range of heavy duty, high quality electric hoists from major premium brands, such as Yale, Stahl, Columbus McKinnon, Kito, Donati, Demag, RWM, Hadef, Verlinde and Tractel.

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11 Items found

11 Items found

Overview of Our Electric Hoist Options

Our powered hoists have been chosen for their industrial quality, safety records and ease of maintenance. We have electric hoists suitable for a range of industrial applications.


Stahl Electric Chain Hoist

Our Stahl hoist series boast electro plated load chain, compact design, slipping clutch overload device and low maintenance schedules as standard. The Stahl designed hoist offers many variants to suit any requirements our customers may have. With capacities ranging from 125 kg to 6300 kg and numerous mounting configuration including hoist and trolley combinations, various  hoist and trolley operating speeds, the Stahl chain hoist offers the most hoist combinations on the market, whether our customers are looking for rigid suspension, standard hoist and trolley combination units, low headroom hoist and trolley combination units or for those tight headrooms Stahl offer a range of ultra low headroom hoista dn trolley combination units. 

Some of the Stahl Chain hoist special feature options available at extra cost.


Stainless Steel Load Chain

Stainless Steel Load Hook 

Corrosion resistant paint finish

PTC Thermistor for electric hoist motors

ATEX Explosion Proof Design

Fast lifting speeds

Radio Remote Control

Long Lifting Heights

Manual and electric motor trolleys 

Locking load hook assembly


Special Voltages e.g. 460v 3Ph, 500v 3Ph or 550v 3Ph

We have electric hoist options with twin lifting hooks, integral low headroom motor trolleys, trolleys designed for curved beams and a model specifically designed for lifting big bags, generally in the pharmaceutical industry or other production environments.


Yale Electric Chain Hoist

The Yale range of hoists are extremely versatile and offer low cost spare parts for reduced maintenance budgets - they are ideal for numerous applications in general industry. Our selection has a range of features including long service life, quieter operation, improved load safety and an easy access control panel.

Yale is part of the Columbus McKinnon Corporation with 140 years of experience. The CMCO range of electric hoists are instantly recognisable and are well respected for their quality within the lifting equipment industry.

Hoist and Winch Limited are a Yale master distributor and we like to pass on some of our special discount rates to our customers.

We can offer the full range of Yale electric chain hoists including the popular industrial quality CPV electric hoist. The CPV or CPV/F Yale hoist comes in lifting capacities up to 5 tonnes. 

The yale CPV & CPV/F series of electric hoist have recently increased their safe working load and now incorporate a 2.5 t & 5 t swl electric hoist model.

We also supply the CPE range of electric hoists which boast safe working loads up to a an impressive 10 tonnes. The Yale CPS is the smallest hoist weighing in at just 12kg making it very easy to handle and transport. The CPS hoist comes with safe working loads of 125 kg and 250kg.

The Lodestar is the market leading and world renowned CMCO single phase hoist for 110 v or 230 v 1 Phase, unit known for its robust design even in the most demanding of applications.

Designed to perform in some of the most extreme conditions, our Kito range is known for its high speed, unmatched durability, easy serviceability and advanced hoist technology, including such features as ergonomic hoist lifting and lowering control on dual speed hoists, and with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on the hoist brake this should give any customer total confidence in their purchase from a lifting equipment suppliers Hoist and Winch Limited.


General Features to consider When Selecting an Electric Chain Hoist and/or Trolley for your Application


Power Supply

Is there a suitable electrical power supply to the hoist location?

standard power supplies held in our UK Stock; 400v 3Ph 50HZ, 230v 1Ph 50HZ and 110v 1Ph 50Hz


Hoist Capacity, Swl or Maximum load to be lifted

With the Hoist and Winch range of electric chain hoists offering lifting capacities from 125 kg through to 25 t swl we are certain we have a suitable product for your application. The safe working load (Swl) of a hoist unit is a fundamental specification requirement, and although a hoist unit is designed to lift to its maximum Swl, as with all good practices we would suggest selecting the next size hoist up if the application allows to increase the service life of your new chain hoist.


Lifting Height

This is determined from the position where the hoist unit is installed to ground level (Load pick up). As with all good practices the load hook should reach the floor for when service and maintenance work is carried out by a suitably trained component person.


Fixed Position Suspension Or Trolley 

Does the application call for a stationary fixed position lift or travel along a monorail beam?

For fixed suspension we can offer; Lug mounted, top hook suspension or foot mounted

Regarding monorail travel along an universal beam we can offer manual push/pull trolley, hand geared trolley or electric powered trolley.

Our Sales team will always request the beam width, but usually this information can follow if the enquiry proceeds to order placement.


Other Points to Consider

Is single speed or two speed operation required.

What hoist operating speeds does the process require.

What is the application, as this will determine what hoist motor duty is required. 

Environment; is the equipment required to be used indoor, outdoor, offshore or explosion risk ATEX environment

Is a chain container required for hoist load chain

Planned maintenance, ease of working on the equipment.

Would PTC Thermistors be required for the hoist motor.

Radio Remote control rather than fixed hard wired pendant.


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