Hydraulic Puller Kits

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2 Items found

12 24 36

BMZ Integrated Hydraulic Puller

Pulling Forces: 6,000 kg, 8,000 kg & 11,000 Kg

Hydraulic pullers are an invaluable tool for the maintenance engineer. The pullers allow time and cost savings as they offer high working safety and can be operated in all positions. Hydraulic pullers are used in all kinds of industries, workshops and many repair and assembly jobs to remove or install interference fit parts, such as: gears, couplings, bearings, wheels, pulleys, axles, shafts, break drums and many other press fit components.

Damage to parts is minimised through the use of controlled hydraulic power, whilst machine down-time can be reduced drastically.


Integrated hydraulic cylinder and pump

Quick adjustment with trapezoid speed nut

3 and 2-jaw design Pump lever can rotate through 360 degrees

Piston with durable, spring loaded tip Supplied in a sturdy plastic box