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10 Items found

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We have a range of lever hoists from major brands including Yale, Kito, Tractel and Tiger available here at H&W Limited. A Lever hoist is also known as a pull lift or ratchet hoist and is a versatile tool, perfect for lifting, pulling and securing materials.


Tiger Ratchet Hoist

Regarding our range of Tiger lifting lever hoists, these surely offer the most diverse options available on the market, including subsea design, special coatings, non standard top mounting fixings, overload device and anti-spark or spark resistant, which is suitable for explosion risk environments with a classification up to EX II 2 GD c IIC T4 IIIC T135°C, Zone 1 & 2 & Zone 21 & 22.


Yale Lever Hoist

Our selection of Yale lever hoist units have been chosen for their compact design, robust construction and their ability to withstand demanding conditions.  In addition the Yale lever hoist range offer a very competitive price whilst providing reassurance from a quality well known lifting gear manufacturing brand.

With numerous models, lifting capacities, designs and prices, the Yale range is ideal for any application and budget.

D-85, Extreme heavy duty, designed for the German Mines.  The original and best Yale link chain unit.

C-85, As the D-85 unit except fitted with roller link chain, ideal for the electric supply industry or in overhead line work.

AL,  Manufactured body from aluminium

Yale Handy, The most compact Yale lever hoist, available in 250 kg & 500 kg Swl's.

PT, Industrial Premium range, universal lever hoist, pressed steel, capacities 800 kg to 6300 kg Swl

UNOPlus, Industrial Entry level, universal lever hoist, apacities 750 kg to 6000 kg Swl


Kito Pull Lifts

The Kito ‘LX Model’ lever hoist is perfect for working in tight quarters with light loads, and the ‘LB Model’ Pull lift uses double reduction gearing to improve its overall strength and portability.

The Kito LX series is an extremely lightweight, compact, portable design for ease of use.  Available in two dirfferent lifting capacities - 250 kg and 500 kg Swl.

Ideal for use in close quarters by lifting equipment operators.

The pull lift load chain on the Kito LX series is Grade 100 (1000N/mm2) as standard.  Manufactured by Kito in Japan form the highest quality special high strength alloy.

This series of Pull lift features an unbeatable combination of toughness and resistance to corrosion & wear. 

The Kito Pull Lift Hoist LB series is a true market leader.  

Available in a range of lifting capacities from 800 kg to 9,000 kg, and with optional extra cost options such as an overload device.

The Kito LB series is designed with reduced weights and sizes in mind, whilst still offering overall strength, and less hand force required to operate at the hoist maximum safe working load. 

From hook to hook, your safety dominates the Kito Pull lift design. The unit is fitted with a weston-style mechanical brake, a failsafe freewheel system, and hooks that will not fracture under excessive loads.