Electric Winch for Trebuchet at Warwick Castle

Hadef Electric Winch: Powering History for Warwick Castle's Trebuchet

Very Unusual New Electric Powered Wire Rope Winch Turnkey  Installation Application by Hoist & Winch Ltd for Tensioning Warwick Castle Medieval Trebuchet .

Hoist & Winch Ltd Scope Of Supply

  • Initial Site Survey to discuss customer requirements & specify winch design features
  • Follow up Site Survey to test fire Trebuchet & measure Trebuchet pulling force with load cell & site tractor (existing  means of tensioning the Trebuchet)
  • Formal Offer comprising Winch specification, Winch mounting frame & Winch Mounting Frame Foundation Base
  • PO receipt
  • GA Approval Drawing Issue  for Winch, Winch Mounting Frame & Foundation Base
  • On Site Installation/Commissioning
  • Individual Hydraulic Pull Test Of Winch Frame Resin Anchor Bolts
  • Test fire Trebuchet to Load Test Winch, Winch Mounting Frame & Winch Foundation/Anchors  &  Measure Trebuchet pulling force  with load cell for Loler Certificate Records
  • Customer Handover Training
  • Issue Of Loler Thorough Examination Report

Winch Specification

  • 1500 Kg Swl ( Pulling Force)
  • 400 V 3 phase 50 Hz Mains Power Supply
  • 25 m Rope Length
  • Low Voltage Remote Radio Control c/w back Up Plug In Pendant Control
  • Wire Rope Drum Pressure Roller
  • 4 position Top /Bottom Geared Limit Switches
  • Galvanized Steel Winch Mounting Frame To Raise Winch to Correct Trebuchet Connection Level
  • Foundation Design Calculations /GA Drawing
  • IP66 Electrical Enclosures


Hadef electric winch at Warwick Castle


Hoist and winch with Trebuchet


Warwick Castle Trebuchet         Hadef winch with Trebuchet        Hadef winch


Electric winch