Light Crane Solutions From Hoist & Winch Ltd

Hoist & Winch Ltd survey, design, supply, Install, load test & LOLER Certify complete bespoke turnkey light crane solutions.

Advantages & Features of Light Crane Systems

  • Light Profile Track Construction which provides ease of movement with very low friction push/pull cross and long travel movements
  • Cost effective solution when compared to conventional overhead crane installations up to 2t Swl
  • Ease of Installation
  • Can be mounted to a free-standing steel structure, existing roof trusses or bolted directly to a concrete ceiling with chemical anchors (Subject to survey & assessment of existing mounting structure details)
  • Available with trailing festoon cable or a buzz bar type conductor system for electrical power supply to hoisting motion
  • Optional crane configuration in Standard or low head-room design with single or double girder construction depending on required Load Lifting Capacity and available head-room clearances
  • Hoist controls are possible with remote radio or conventional pendant control fixed to hoist unit body
  • Options with 400 v 3 phase, 110v/240v Single phase electric hoist, air powered chain hoist or manual hoist

Case Study

The photographs shown in this case study are of two 500 Kg Swl Light Crane systems installed in the bag filter area of a Midlands based Cement Works. Our customer decided to update the original manual push/pull cranes after incorrect operation had resulted in overloading and damage to the existing crane bridge structure. The original cranes performance in long travel was particularly poor and after our dimensional survey it was discovered that this was due to alignment inaccuracies of the original long travel beams. The final design solution included a special “floating” end carriage at one end of the crane bridge to allow free movement of the crane bridge in order to compensate for the alignment inaccuracies of the original long travel beams, full specification scope as follows:

  • 500 Kg Swl Single Girder Crane Design
  • 9 metre crane bridge span
  • 500 Kg Swl Tiger Manual Chain block c/w overload protection (to prevent potential accidental overloading in the future) & running in integral low friction push/pull cross travel trolley
  • Special low friction push/pull “floating” end carriage design as noted above (See photographs)
  • Spliced crane bridge design for ease of installation at an operating area height of 30 metres above ground floor level (See photographs)
  • Survey, design, supply, Installation, Load Test & LOLER Certify

installation of light crane system      load test of 500 kg Swl light crane

Underhung Light Crane System     End Carriage of Underhung Crane

load test of crane

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