Refurbishment of J D Neuhaus GH6 Twin hook air hoist

This JD Neuhaus Gmbh (JDN ) air powered chain hoist unit is a very unusual air powered chain hoist design which provides a perfectly synchronised tandem lift due to the special design whereby a common drive motor and gearbox with a single drive shaft drives both hoist load hooks and lifting chains simultaneously as shown in the photographs.

The air powered chain hoist unit had been subjected to the corrosive effects of the coastal environment and in addition the often damp main air power supply to the hoist unit had caused contamination to key internal components such as motor vanes, motor cylinder sleeves, disc brakes and control valves.

Due to the location of the air powered chain hoist unit, site access logistics and the fact that the condition of the air powered chain hoist unit was deemed suitable for onsite refurbishment, all work described below was carried out on site:

Overhaul of main hoist air motor and trolley travel air motor including motor vanes and brake components

Refurbishment of control valves for main hoist air motor and trolley travel air motor including shuttle valve clean & polish & fitment of new o-rings, seals and gaskets

Gearbox inspection

New power supply feed hoses throughout

Load chain, cleaned, inspected & re-greased

New 1” Filter/ Regulator/ Oiler air preparation unit fitted to the air hoist trolley side plate

Bottom blocks stripped down, cleaned & re-assembled   

Full “rub –down preparation” and  re–paint of the air powered chain hoist unit external components with a corrosion resistant “Hammerite type”  bright yellow paint finish as shown in the photograph.

Load test to 5t with site test load to confirm correct functionality after refurbishment completion.

On completion Hoist & Winch Ltd issued a LOLER Thorough Examination Report for the completed air powered chain hoist refurbishment work.

All refurbishment work was completed within a 2 day time frame in readiness for the start of the customers site work programme.

You will also notice in the foreground of the site work activity photograph one of our engineers using a laptop to access and view parts lists of the JDN equipment.

Risk Assessments and Method Statements were submitted and agreed for all refurbishment work carried out.

Onsite Refurbishment of J D Neuhaus GH6 Tandem Lift Air Hoist