Jib Crane with Manual and Electric Powered Slew Options

Jib Crane Solutions From Hoist & Winch Ltd

Hoist & Winch Ltd survey, design, supply, Install, load test & LOLER Certify complete bespoke turnkey Jib crane solutions.

Advantages & Features of Jib Crane Solutions

  • Cost effective solution when compared to conventional overhead crane installations & available in Swl capacities up to 5t Swl and a range of jib arm radius & maximum hook heights
  • Available with I Beam or Light Profile Track Construction Jib Arms with the latter providing ease of movement with very low friction push/pull cross travel movements
  • Can be floor anchor mounted to a concrete base/steel structure or wall mounted to concrete wall or existing steel structure (Subject to survey & assessment of existing mounting structure details)
  • Relatively easily moved to provide flexibility when re-arranging production or workshop areas
  • Available with manual push/pull, hand geared or powered slewing mechanisms
  • Optional controls with remote radio, column mounted, mobile or conventional low voltage pendant control fixed to hoist unit body
  • Our Jib cranes can be supplied and fitted with various hoist types including 400v 3 phase , 110v/240v Single phase electric chain hoists, air powered hoist units and manual chain blocks
  • We can also design and build bespoke quayside jib cranes fitted with a winch to provide maximum hook heights
  • Used for a multitude of indoor or outdoor applications including: manufacturing production lines , general workshop duties, marine quayside use, water treatment plants etc.

Jib Crane Case Study 1

General production duty in hydraulic actuator assembly area serving work benches:

  • 250  Kg Swl I Beam Design
  • 2.5 metre jib arm radius
  • 3 metre maximum hook height
  • 250 Kg Swl Stahl ST Series Electric chain hoist c/w powered travel trolley – 2 speed all motions
  • 270 Degree jib arm slewing arc
  • Manual Slew
  • Pendant control fixed to hoist unit body
  • Floor anchored to concrete base using Hilti anchors and resin
  • Survey, design, supply, Installation, Load Test & LOLER Certify

250 kg Swl Jib Crane with Electric Hoist     Manual Slew Jib Crane with Stahl Electric Hoist

Jib Crane Case Study 2

General Outdoor maintenance duty in food industry serving plant services:

  • 500 Kg Swl I Beam Jib Arm Design
  • 3 metre jib arm radius
  • 3.5 metre maximum hook height above raised mezzanine floor and 12 metres total lifting height
  • Electric powered slewing motion for ease and safe movement of jib arm/loads over edge of building
  • Storm anchor arrangement
  • 500 Kg Swl Donati DMK Series Electric hoist c/w powered travel trolley – 2 speed all motions
  • 270 Degree jib arm slewing arc
  • Restricted movement mobile pendant control
  • Survey, design, supply, Installation, Load Test & LOLER Certification

500 kg Swl Jib Crane with Electric Hoist   Load Test of a  Jib Crane  Powered Slew Jib Crane with Donati Electric Hoist Britvic Jib Crane Load Test

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