Triple Lead Off Electric Wire Rope Winch System

Boosting Efficiency and Safety in Cement Industry: Bespoke Electric Winch System by Hoist & Winch Ltd

Hoist & Winch Ltd have recently supplied a Bespoke Electric Powered Lifting Winch system for a UK Building Products Industry Company in order to raise & lower a Large Telescopic Export Chute used to load HGV Vehicles with a media byproduct from the production process.

Equipment Overview

The system comprises 1- off 400 V 3 Phase 1500 Kg Swl Floor Mounted Haacon Wire Rope Winch with a special wire rope Triple Rope Lead – Off design used to raise & lower the   Export Chute via 1 off vertically & 2 off horizontally orientated diverter pulleys.

Final wire rope connection to the Export Chute is via adjustable turnbuckle Jacking screws & swivelling eye bolts in order to provide accurate Chute levelling adjustment & prolong the wire rope service life by eliminating any twisting action.

The winch is controlled by a switchgear enclosure &   two button single speed hard wired  pendant control station  remotely located in an environmentally protected  operating  cubicle .

Mounting of the winch to the Steel floor is by a purpose made mounting frame accurately designed & shimmed to ensure level rope pay off from the winch drum to the 3 off diverter pulleys.

The winch mounting frame is secured to the steel floor by bolted connections.

The operating conditions in the winch location presented several challenges due to high operating temperatures (over 40C in summer months) & excessive dust in the atmosphere & surrounding work areas.

This new winch system replaces an original obsolete system which had reached the end of it’s service life.

The new winch system included the following additional design features based on the experience of working with the original obsolete winch design:

  • Wire rope pressure roller fitted to winch drum to ensure secure wire rope retention on the drum in the event of a slack wire rope situation occurring due to accidental over lowering of the Chute onto the HGV bed
  • Grooved winch drum to ensure secure/ even wire rope winding onto the winch drum & resulting extended wire rope service life.
  • Adjustable Geared Ultimate Top, Service Top & Bottom Safety Limit Switches
  • Remotely located Electrical Switchgear Enclosure /Pendant Control placed in the environmentally protected  operating 
  • Inverter controlled winch motor to provide very smooth slow speed control & improved overall service life of the complete winch system.  

The final design of the winching system ensures that the Chute is raised and lowered very safely/smoothly & in a level position by the accurately set adjustable turnbuckle Jacking screws.

Hoist and Winch Ltd scope of supply included all pre installation survey work to ensure correct alignment of the winch, all Diverter Pulleys and associated equipment. Installation commissioning and load testing, all field wiring and issue of LOLER Thorough Examination Report for the complete system including Diverter Pulley support steelwork.

The installation work was completed over a two day plant shutdown working period and involved the use of an electric powered scissor lift for overhead working/ high level access along with manual chain blocks/general rigging gear for lifting the winch up to the 6 metre working level.

The completed system was load tested using the dynamic Chute test load of 900 Kg   + 125% Proof Load Test   added by means of hand test weights temporarily attached to the chute by fibre slings & shackles. Additional repeated function tests were also carried out using the dynamic Chute test load to fully prove the system functionality prior to customer handover.

Hoist & Winch Ltd also carried out on site operator training for site personnel to cover the following topics: overview of winch units supplied and main components, operating controls and features including hoist unit top, bottom, ultimate top limit switches & E-stop, periodic daily checks & practical operation by each operator. 

Key Challenges:

  • Outdated System:The original winch had reached the end of its lifespan, compromising reliability and safety.
  • Demanding Environment:High temperatures (40°C) and excessive dust posed significant operational challenges.
  • Precision Handling:Ensuring smooth, level lowering of the chute onto HGV beds was crucial for efficient loading.

Hoist & Winch's Solution:

  • Bespoke Design:A robust 400 V 3-phase 1500 kg SWL Haacon wire rope winch with a special triple rope lead-off design was implemented.
  • Enhanced Safety:Adjustable geared limit switches, pressure roller, and inverter-controlled motor ensure secure operations and extended component life.
  • Environmentally Protected Controls:The pendant control station resides in a protected cubicle, shielding it from dust and heat.
  • Accurate Chute Leveling:Turnbuckle jacking screws and swivelling eye bolts enable precise chute adjustments, eliminating twisting and prolonging wire rope life.
  • Comprehensive Scope:Hoist & Winch handled everything from pre-installation surveys and alignment to installation, commissioning, testing, and operator training.

Benefits Achieved:

  • Improved Efficiency:Faster loading cycles and smoother operation enhance productivity.
  • Enhanced Safety:Advanced features minimize risks and ensure safe, controlled lifting.
  • Reliable Performance:Durable components and expert installation guarantee long-term operation in demanding conditions.
  • Seamless Integration:Customized design and thorough testing provide a perfect fit for the specific application.

Customer Testimonial:

"The bespoke winch system from Hoist & Winch has transformed our loading process. It's safer, faster, and more reliable, significantly improving our operational efficiency. Their expertise and customer focus were exceptional throughout the entire project."

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