Electric Winch Lifting System

Bespoke  “Wet Room”  Electric Powered Winch Lifting Application  For Large UK Plant Rental Company

Hoist & Winch Ltd have recently supplied four Bespoke Electric Winch Lifting systems for a large UK Plant Rental Company in order to raise & lower large Vinyl type sheeting used to provide temporary spill protection during pumping operations on site.

Yale RPE Electric Winch


The system comprises 4 off Floor Mounted Yale RPE 400 V 3 Phase Wire Rope Winches and 20 off Pfaff Roof Mounted Diverter pulleys coupled to 4 off  12 metre long tubular spreader beams.

Each electric winch raises & lowers one of the 12 metre long spreader beams which are in turn attached to a Vinyl sheet by load bearing Karabiner hooks. Each Vinyl sheet weighs approximately 60 kg.

All 4 off electric winches are individually controlled by their own wall mounted low voltage two button single speed pendant control so that at any time a single Vinyl sheet can be raised and lowered as required.

Mounting of the winches to the floor is by purpose made mounting frames which allow the winch rope pay out to be orientated at 90 degrees to the 1st diverter pulley located directly above each winch on a tubular steel section.

Each electric winch mounting frame is secured to the floor by 4 off Hilti Expansion Anchors.

The Vinyl sheets need to be raised and lowered in this way so that they can be easily dried after being washed down by a pressure washer to remove any unwanted residual substances from their most recent hire job.

The room in which this work is carried out is a purpose built enclosed “Wet Area” with a cambered floor surface and suitable drainage all round the perimeter to allow removal of excess water from the cleaning process.

This new system is based on a manual winch arrangement located at another site and significantly improves and speeds up the whole operation in order  to facilitate a quicker and much less manual labour intensive turnround of the Vinyl Sheets during very busy periods of hire.

This specification approval process involved Hoist & Winch Ltd working closely with the End Customer & his Building Contractor who provided the supporting steelwork  mounted in the roof void for the Pfaff Diverter Pulleys supplied by Hoist & Winch Ltd. 

The final design of winching system ensures that each Vinyl sheet is raised and lowered  safely  in a level position for ease of handling and the drying process.

Hoist and Winch Ltd scope of supply included all pre installation survey work to ensure correct alignment of each electric winch, all Diverter Pulleys and associated  equipment. Installation commissioning and load testing, all field wiring and issue of LOLER Thorough Examination Report for the complete system including diverter pulley support steelwork.

Winch System Lifting Sheeting

Equipment Supply

Each Winching Line Consists of the following equipment:

  • 1 x Yale RPE 150 Kg Swl Down-rated Single Rope Fall Electric Powered Winch 400V 3Phase  C/W Top & Bottom hook position Geared Limit switches
  • Secondary roller type ultimate top limit switches mounted to the Roof Support Steelwork
  • 1 x Floor mounted winch frame c/w Hilti Expansion anchors
  • PVC weather covers for winch unit electrical control panels.
  • 1 x Two button single speed pendant control c/w wall mounting bracket
  • 1 x 12 m long tubular spreader beam for supporting each vinyl sheet
  • 5 x Pfaff Diverter Pulleys
  • Winch wire rope and terminations
  • Ancillary items such as eye bolts, shackles and Karabiner clips

Diverter Pulley

The installation work was completed over a 7 day working period and involved the use of electric powered scissor lifts for overhead working and high level access.

The completed system was load tested using a dynamic test load of 150 Kg + 125% Proof Load . Additional repeated function tests were also carried out using the dynamic test load  to fully prove the system functionality  .

On completion, Hoist & Winch Ltd issued a LOLER Thorough Examination Report  for the complete system including Diverter Pulley support steelwork.

Hoist & Winch Ltd also carried out on site operator training for site personnel to cover the following topics: overview of electric winch units supplied and main components, operating controls and features including winch unit top, bottom and ultimate top  limit switches and  e-stop, periodic checks and lubrication, annual inspection, service and certification requirements, practical operation by each operator. 

Load testing of electric winch   Winch System Divert Pulley

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