Electric Chain Hoist Safety (Check List)

In this post, we’ll be going over electric chain hoist safety. You can refer to this guide as a safety checklist for an electric chain hoist operator. 

Inspect the hoist

Check if everything on the hoist is OK. Read the manufacturer’s instruction manual, even if you’ve already read it, read it again. It’s always good to keep yourself up to date with a hoist and it makes it easier to spot any dysfunctional wears.

Read the warning labels carefully. Warning labels provide important information regarding your hoist and its safe operation. 

Inspect the chain. Make sure none of the links are damaged. If they’re chipped, corroded or distorted, this can lead to hoist failure. Refer to the instruction manual to check the correct diameter of the link. If the link is stretched, this can lead to hoist failure. You can measure the used and unused part of the chain with a calibre to help take the correct measurements.

Keep the chain properly lubricated. This will help prevent wear and damage to the chain and help increase its lifespan. For the correct type of lubricant for your hoist, refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Make sure the chain isn’t twisted. Operating with a twisted hoist will damage the chain and may cause it to snap.

Inspect the hooks. Make sure the hook is not stretched, cracked, chipped, rusty, flat or missing safety latches.

Am I lifting above heads?

If you are lifting above heads, you need to ensure you have the correct hoist, we'd recommend talking to a structural engineer for this. If you're lifting above heads (this happens in theatre), the hoist has to meet a certain standard depending on the application.

A hoist for this purpose will typically come with a secondary brake system. This means if the power fails, the load will not drop. 

Using the chain hoist

Electric chain hoists cannot be used to pull sideways, they were intended for straight pulling. Pulling at an angle causes a lot of friction, resulting in wear and damage. Make sure to read the user manual before operating.


When you get your electric chain hoist, it will typically be a plugin and play experience as it will probably arrive assembled. Make sure to read the user manual and test how much weight it can handle to be certain you have the correct hoist.

As mentioned in the ‘inspect the hoist’ part of this, you want the item to be undamaged and lubricated.