5t Swl Stahl Articulated Wire Rope Hoist

Low Headroom Design for a Curved Monorail Beam Installation at a UK Cement Works

wire rope hoist

Hoist and Winch has extensive experience in the Cement Production Industry and handle the annual powered lifting equipment service requirements, emergency repair & new project installation work at two of the largest UK Cement Production Works as well as providing the same services on a UK wide network of smaller subsidiary Cement Industry sites.

Working in the Cement Production Industry can be very challenging due to the arduous operating conditions, 24/7 production demands & safety critical nature of the Industry. 


wire rope hoist

For this application our customer was re-commissioning a Cement Mill which had been mothballed for a number of years. H&W was tasked with surveying the existing 5t Swl wire rope hoist unit operating above the Mill & advising on its suitability for continued service.

Our examination of the existing 5t Swl wire rope hoist unit identified that this hoist unit was supplied without an overload  protection device  & mains contactor safety circuit as these features were not a mandatory requirement at the time the equipment was originally supplied. In addition, the electrical control equipment cabling fitted to the hoist unit was in a poor condition & required replacement/upgrade, whilst a hard wired mobile pendant control was fitted to the existing hoist unit although the application was best suited to a remote radio control system.

After reviewing the merits/costs of refurbishment of the existing equipment compared to provision of a complete new wire rope hoist unit & preparing a detailed report for our customer it was decided that it would be more cost effective to supply & install a new 5t Swl wire rope hoist unit fitted with a Remote Radio Control Handset System.

Scope Of Work

  • Carry out full dimensional survey of the Existing Hoist Monorail beam to ascertain beam dimensions, beam bend radius & hoist minimum headroom/ end hook approach requirements to suit the application (note during this survey we identified that the hoist runway beam was made from two different sections sizes with differing bottom flange thicknesses).
  • Specify new Articulated Trolley 5t Swl Wire Rope Hoist  Unit to satisfy the application  minimum headroom, end hook approach requirements & the different  hoist runway beam bottom flange thicknesses.
  • Removal of existing redundant 5t Swl Wire Rope Hoist Unit to floor level.
  • Installation of new replacement   Articulated Trolley 5t Swl Wire Rope Hoist Unit c/w remote Radio Control System, new festoon power supply system cable & trolleys. 
  • Hoist Installation & removal works effected by 2 x H&W “Tee Design Lifting Frames” & 4 x 1t swl Manual Hand Chain blocks.
  • Modify existing hoist runway beam end stops to correctly interface with new replacement   Articulated Trolley 5t Swl Wire Rope Hoist  Unit trolley buffer design.
  • Carry out new replacement Articulated Trolley 5t Swl Wire Rope Hoist Unit & hoist runway beam load testing & Certification in accordance with LOLER Requirements
  • Carry out Customer Handover & Operator Training.

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wire rope hoist