Manual Wire Rope Hoist - Yaletrac Aluminium

Yaletrac hoist - 1.6t swl

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  • Yaletrac hoist - 1.6t swl
  • Yaletrac hoist
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  • Internal view of Yaletrac hoist
  • Yaletrac hoist storage box

Yale - "Yaletrac" Aluminium Cable Puller - Yaletrac Model

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Yale - Yaletrac "Aluminium" Cable Puller


Capacity: 800 kg to 3,200 kg Swl


The Yaletrac Cable puller has a light weight, compact, high tensile aluminium alloy housing with a large flat bottom surface for increased stability in horizontal as well as vertical working position.



• Forward and reversing levers in tandem provide slim design and assure power transfer along the centre line of the Yaletrac cable puller. 

• Overload protection is by a shearing pin in the forward lever. Spare shear pins are conveniently located in the carrying handle or operating lever. A broken pin can be replaced without removing the load from the Yaletrac cable puller. 

• A lever disengages the rope clamp system allowing easy, smooth installation of the rope. 

• Yaletrac uses a special flexible rope. It has six strands with a steel core and is identified by an orange strand. The rope is tapered at one end for easy threading and fitted with an eye sling hook with safety latch on the other end. 

• The parallel arrangement of the clamping system protects the rope by distributing the clamping forces evenly. A long rope advance per each lever stroke increases the working speed. 

• The large opening in the top of the unit allows easy cleaning: simply flush the unit with water, apply motor oil for lubrication and the Yaletrac cable puller is again ready for use.



• Eye sling hook with safety latch 

• Longer ropes 

• Drum reel 

• Storage box

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