7 Best Handling Equipment for A Warehouse

Here is a list of the best and most useful handling equipment that you should have in your warehouse. These items are cost effective and help improve productivity.

1. Pump truck

A pump truck is a most efficient and cost effective way to transport pallets. Pump trucks are easy to learn and use. They don’t take lots of storage room or any need for energy to run. 

There’s not a lot of maintenance for running a pump truck and it’s not difficult to troubleshoot when there’s a problem. For example, if the pump truck is going forward, it’s probably because there’s something wrong with the wheels.

Training staff to use a pump truck is easy. It can take up to 10 minutes to get people familiar with how to use a pump truck and operate it safely. You can get a group of your staff together and train them on how to use the equipment in less than an hour.

A pump truck can comfortably lift 1,000kg. So you’ll be able to handle a lot of items on a single truck.

2. Forklift

When there are heavy items that need to be lifted quickly at an elevated level, nothing can replace a forklift. If you have bays that are high up, a forklift will be necessary for your arsenal. 

Staff will need special training to become a forklift driver and the staff in the warehouse who don’t operate a forklift need to be trained also. This is because forklifts can be dangerous if something drops, so staff need to understand when a forklift is nearby. In a noisy warehouse, someone may not realise there’s a forklift putting things away above them.

3. Electric pallet truck

An electric powered pallet truck is similar to the standard manual pump truck. Except the operator drives it whilst standing. Staff do need to be trained on using an electric pallet truck.

It’s a great way to reduce fatigue and increase productivity. 

4. Conveyor System

A conveyor system will help streamline your process. Its purpose is simple: move one object to another location. For items that are too heavy or inefficient for humans to carry, a conveyor system will help. Conveyor systems can be simple or more complex, going through multiple floors, above and under each other.

5. Electric hoists

An electric hoist is a piece of equipment that assists you in lifting items up and down, raising and lowering them. If your work requires lifting extremely heavy items vertically, an electric hoist will help.

For example, in a garage, a hoist is needed to take out and insert the car’s engine. This type of equipment is often used in paper mills, steel mills, maintenance works, renewable energy installations, workshops etc. 

6. Hand trucks

Hand trucks allow for the quick transportation of heavy items. It’s essentially a flat piece of metal with wheels at the bottom and a handle. That is what a hand truck is and the benefit is quite simple.

There’s not much to it, you can easily train your staff to use it, it’s cost effective, improves productivity and takes nothing to run.

7. Skip

You need somewhere to store all of the rubbish and a skip will do exactly that. You can hire a service or do it in-house.