Manual Winch, Wall Mounted Worm Gear Drive, Pfaff SW-W-SGO Series

SW-W -SGO wire rope manual winch

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  • Pfaff Worm Gear Winch
  • SW-W -SGO wire rope manual winch

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Manual Winch,  Wall Mounted Worm Gear Drive, Pfaff SW-W-SGO Series


Lifting Capacities:  250 kg to 5000 Kg Swl


A heavy-duty wire rope manual winch suitable for use in areas where electricity isn’t present. This winch is also ideal for areas where there is a danger of using electricity such as risk of flooding, or very muddy areas.

This Pfaff manual winch that is manufactured in Germany can also act as a reliable back-up for an electric winch in case of failure.

Applications for use include, sports halls, remote areas, theatres, waterside, construction sites and many other industrial applications 

Features at a Glance

  • Worm shaft on roller bearings, rope drum on plain bearings.
  • Two rope directions for operation from different positions.
  • Two lifting speeds by means of a different setting of the crank handle for capacities of 2000 kg
    and above.
  • Machine cut worm wheel and shaft
  • Mounted bearings and worm gear drive


  • Corrosion resistant version.
  • Grooved rope drum for improved guidance of the wire rope.
  • Separation webs for operation with several wire ropes.
  • Free wheeling device for quick unwinding of the unloaded wire rope for capacities of 2000 kg
    and above.


All winches are supplied without wire rope as standard, wire ropes available at extra costs

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