Haacon ESG Electric Winch 125 kg to 2100 kg Swl

Haacon ESG Electric Winch

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Haacon Electric Winch

Capacity: 125 kg to 2100 kg

Model: ESG

Product Overview

The Haacon ESG Electric Winch has capacities from 125 kg to 2100 kg safe working load, and has a worm gearbox construction design and is ideal for many industrial and heavy duty applications.

The ESG winches are modular rope winches for small and medium loads and offers many bespoke options to suit our customers requirements and applications.

Renowned for being robust and built to a high-quality standard, the ESG winches have galvanised parts to ensure durability and are trusted for applications such as to close flood defence flap valves. 

Equipment is manufactured in Germany and offers or customers the comfort of a quality built product meeting all European manufacturing machine directives.

Key specifications and available options:

  • Grooved drum
  • High quality finish
  • Increased paint specification for the most demanding environments
  • Overload protection
  • Slack rope device
  • Stainless steel drums
  • Pressure roller
  • Free wheeling drum
  • Crank handle for brake release
  • Split drums
  • Twin Drum
  • Geared Limits for top and bottom hook positions

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