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Kito compact CX Manual Hoist

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  • Kito compact CX Manual Hoist

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Kito Ultra Compact Manual Hand Chain hoist - CX Model

capacity - 250 kg Swl


KITO CX Series Mini-Manual Chain Hoist is suitable for work in tight quarters or wherever you need to lift a light load. The CX manual hoist features an ultra-compact size, easy operation and advanced safety mechanism for a unique combination of extreme portability, operation and safety.



  • At rated capacity, load-bearing parts are only stressed to 25% of their limit.
  • Advanced-design Overload Limiter is standard on the CX to enhance worker safety  and protect the hoist against excessive overloading.
  • Low hand-pull force for easy operation (15 kg pull force to lift rated load).
  • Aluminum housing and ultra-compact design makes for reduced weight and size.
  • Wide hook opening allows easy installation onto almost any reliable attachment point.
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistant, plated load chain.
  • Articulating top hook allows you to properly centre the load.
  • Forged carbon steel hook design will not fracture under excessive load.
  • Safety tip hook latch design is thicker for increased durability, and notched to securely engage the latch with the hook tip.
  • Sealed gears and brake are protected against damage from dust and water.

Kito Ultra Compact Manual Hand Chain Hoist Technical Data - CX Model

Rated Load  (WLL) - Kg




Standard Lift - m


Standard control - m


Pull to lift Load - N


Load Chain Size - mm


Chain Falls


Weight at Standard Lift - Kg


Minimum Headroom - mm


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